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Hayden introduces BAM 2011

Well actually Bam-ako, Bamako, Mali that is.

After a relative blog blackout while we’ve been restructuring activities at WEVO post-Peking to Paris, 2011 has crept upon us with little fanfare, but many new and exciting opportunities, the first of which is another mainline fix of adventure rally adrenaline.

While Steven fills obligations at Yale, I will be tackling the Western Sahara with my new friend, Alastair Caldwell, who we met on the Peking to Paris. Alastair has more than a dozen adventure rallies under his heels and his website makes an amusing read, not least of all his accomplishments in international motorsports.

We will be rallying in Alastair’s 1989 Peugeot 205 Rallye, under 1400cc’s of frog fury. This little car has accomplished much success in the past, and Alastair and I are eager to add to that tally, plus serve some humility to 4WD friends as we make our way across the edges of the Sahara desert in our 2WD mount.

On Wednesday, we start in Maidenhead UK and take the 1600km to parc ferme in Budapest, ready for the off on the morning of Saturday, January 15th.

For the friends who enjoyed our rally blog and Blogjackmaster Glynn, we are going to try this again and see what we can deliver. Follow the rally here on the WEVO Blog, and also at the main Budapest to Bamako rally site.

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