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Recapturing the vibe………..

OK, so months have sped past and Paris 2010 is already more than a year ago.

The false start on the 2011 Budapest to Bamako Rally left some unfinished business, much like when Steven and I missed the 2009 London Casablanca because of bungled shipping.

 The remedy is my participation in the World Cup Rally 2012 from London to Capetown.

Looking to recapture the vibe is always a risk, the enhanced recollections of good times past etc, etc, risky business.

I am aiming low, for me the fascination of being on the road takes very few extra props, the alignment of very few priorities, but a willingness to surrender to whatever-happens-next. It takes a few days to get there and then it wont last long enough.

This relatively featureless photo sums up all that in an image. A grass field in nowhere Kazakhstan, a bowl of nutritious but ordinary and unrecognizable food on a plastic plate, a barely cool beer and my dining buddy for the night Erdal Tokcan from Turkey. The exhaustion of the past 7 days is cut through with half a smile for the camera, then our bi-nation conversation continues in the middle of nowhere. This is what I hope to recapture, new friends on the road, exhaustion and the need to accommodate everything that comes along, right now! as it comes along. No extra stopping, no resting, no falling behind, stay just on top of everything, managing enough reserves to keep going and see if that makes you a contender.


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