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Blogjack is Back: Glynn blogs WEVO for a month

by John Glynn

Well! I’m back and you are right to look worried. Prepare for the tone to slide rapidly downhill, as I tell the story of Hayden and Alastair’s ride through Africa on the London to Cape Town Rally 2012.

Hayden (in background, above) recently shared a few details on WEVO’s preparation of the 1968 Porsche 912 the boys will be using for this event. I’ve now spent quite a bit of time with the car and I can tell you it’s an absolute sweetheart. Very straight, with a ‘be efficient or don’t be here’ philosophy.

This extends to things like a bigger fuel tank, which cuts down on fuel stops and associated time spent in politeness to locals, which saves a lot of downtime over a day: then multiply by 30. Running in the sub 2-litre class means the car can run a smaller cage, which also saves weight and adds to speed and efficiency.

The travel kit will be similarly lightweight: H’s Peking to Paris kit would fit inside a shopping bag and Alastair (above) is of the same mind: all the spares for the 205 Rallye he used to win the 2005 London to Dakar fitted under a seat in the rally car!

The sum total is: I think these boys are in with a good shot, so I can’t wait for it all to kick off on New Year’s Day in Weybridge and then on to London for a 7pm departure from the Houses of Parliament. I’ll try to shoot some video of the day when I’m down there.

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