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New Kidz on the Blog

Okay, I admit ‘kid’ is stretching the bounds of credibility a bit; I’m the good side of 40 and wearing the grey proudly. What the heck, it’s not my blog, I can be who I want!

For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is John Glynn. I’m a Porsche journalist based in the UK. I write for some very nice motoring magazines (Motor Trend Classic, 911 & Porsche World, Total 911 etc) and maintain the Classic Porsche Blog at

One of the joys of my currently blessed life is having email access to my friend Mr Hayden Burvill, for inventive sum ups of topical events in his entertaining Aussie vernacular. Some days, it’s all that keeps me going!

HB is about to depart the US, to take part in the last great global motor race: the Peking to Paris Rally. P2P is a marathon 37-day trek across the Mongolian wilderness. Hayden is going for gold in a Porsche 356 prepared by WEVO, with my fellow Bergmeister (and ultimate orange 911 enthusiast) Steven Harris behind the wheel.

John gets his hands on Hayden’s pride and joy

In the absence of the resident blogmeister, I’ve been tasked with the online housekeeping, which I am only too happy to handle. One day, H may bestow a hat just like the one he is wearing above upon me but, until then, I’ll bask in the glory of tidying up his iPhone blog attempts from the other side of the world.

Stay tuned for regular updates and pics from the road. The plan is to follow the boys over the course of the next 5 weeks, whereupon Jamie (Lipman, chief photographer to the WEVO dynasty) and I will gatecrash the end-of-rally celebrations in Paris to get the full story, see how many pounds they lost and make sure we’re all still friends! I have high hopes.

Safe driving Hayden and Steven. Here’s to a truly great adventure!

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