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London to Cape Town: The End

By John Glynn (first 3 pics by Gerard Brown)

It’s my last blog, following this epic journey from Northern Europe to the Cape of Good Hope. The chequered flag has dropped, the rally has finished and the competitors have all gone home, but memories will live on for a long time yet.

Final position for the WEVO 912 was 6th: confirmed by the organisers but not acknowledged on the official timesheets. The Tuthill 911 (below) finished third, but should have won it by some accounts: the speed was incredible and it cleaned a stack of stages…

Francis Tuthill arrived home last night and I had a chance to chat with him today. Though he had issues with the official timing, and objected to how the severity of the terrain was underplayed to competitors in advance, he had a grin as wide as Africa when he remembered the good times.

No doubt Hayden and Alastair will have more stories of good and bad to share when I catch up with them later in the year, but I’m sure neither will have lost their appetite for road: that need to leave the daily grind behind and go do something primeval, and on four wheels.

These last two pictures of Hayden (with the 912′s cooling bucket and a very funky tree) were sent to me by Alastair as he was boarding the plane leaving South Africa. As I look at them, all I feel is the ache of a slow news day. What to do with my time now? When’s the next event?

Even for awestruck spectators like me, racing is life. Anything else: that’s just waiting.

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