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The Great South American Challenge 2013

Well it’s time to fire up the WEVO blog again, re-engage the “blogjackmeister” John Glynn and set off for South America – Rio De Janeiro

Last time I was in Brazil was 1992, for the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos. Fond memories of sequential all-nighter’s and flooded garages from a F1 pitlane nothing like what we see on TV today.

This trip I hope will be more relaxed, offering an opportunity like every Marathon Rally, to see massive chunks of another continent glide past the window aperture of a very familiar door frame. Lola, the ’64 356, veteran of the 2010 Peking to Paris is fresher that ever and supposedly sitting in Rio waiting for us now.

We took what we learned from P2P and added even more capability to Lola, the car is lighter, has a more advantageous weight distribution, a more powerful motor and a short but significant list of revisions that will offer even more reliability and durability.

We will be carrying a “Yellowbrick” tracking device and over the next few days, I understand these devices will be activated and any chance of anonymity will be dashed as you will be able to establish exactly where we are and how we are progressing.

Lola will wear car # 5. Driven by Steven Harris, navigated by Hayden Burvill.  There will be an organizers website and blog with reports and results, see H&H Rallies. This blog or our Facebook page should lead you directly there as soon as those specifics are available too.

Time to pack up that small bag of clothes, a few more spares for the car, a razor, a hat and a renewed sense of adventure.


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