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WEVO Porsche 356 South America: Tracey’s Turn

The WEVO Porsche 356 effort on the 2013 Great South American Challenge fell into dangerous territory yesterday, as Steven handed the wheel to Tracey for a while.

WEVO Porsche South America Rally 1 (1)

The danger does not come from Tracey’s driving: she’s a better driver than most blokes I know. The danger is in giving her a taste for winning these marathon events. How’s H going to vamoose for weeks at a time if his Mrs is better at rallying?

WEVO Porsche South America Rally 2 (1)

Tracey’s first day behind the wheel endorsed her ability. “T took over driving today until Mendoza, while Steven attends to matters in NY,” reports Hayden. “A tough 600-kilometre day of introduction went well.

“Tracey cleaned the first test – as did many – then was narrowly robbed of cleaning the second when cows blocked the road within sight of the finish line, while she was on target for a perfect result. The delay cost us a 22-second penalty, but Tracey’s performances today earned her the respect of her fellow rallyists.”

WEVO Porsche South America Rally 3 (1)

Mendoza is miles down the road. The rally arrives there on Day 25, by which time girl wonder will have clocked up more than 4,000 kilometres. Epic work by Mrs WEVO – I’m looking forward to the week ahead.

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