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From acorns come oak trees

Back in December 2009 I covered the exploits of my friend Duffy Sheardown and his pursuit of a new career beyond motorsports – as a Chocolatier.

I expounded the values of niche marketing and the parallels between what we started at WEVO in 1996 and what Duffy initiated in 2009.

On the first steps to fame, Duffy has cracked a nice mention he on the 70% website, headlining above Raymond Blanc no less!


A visit to will leave you slightly underwhelmed today (march 8th 2010), although I would encourage you all to inundate Duffy with orders and help his niche business gain the momentum that any purveyor of fine chocolates deserves – especially the 2nd largest in the UK!?!?

Well done to Duffy for bringing glorious flavor chocolates to the market, doing so in a sustainable manner and with a social conscience of how the real cost of the product is rationalized for all concerned from bean to bar…..

It will now be interesting to see if the oak that grows from Duffy’s acorn can ever provide the building materials for his windmill to grind the beans.


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