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WEVO packaging manifesto – Part 1.

Remarkably off-topic for the mainstream of our WEVO business, but a topic that Tracey and I have always taken very seriously and continue to look for new ways to improve our participation.

The implementation of the first Carbon Cap in the USA by California State Government in 2006 ( also continues to show how CA is leading the way for other states – particularly on a topic where I feel the USA generally falls far behind.

 I was reminded of what reckless, gluttonous and pain-free energy consumers we are in California when my recent trip to Holland exposed me first hand to the $8.55/gal fuel prices……. There is plenty of scope for carbon capping, just look anywhere for a place to start.

In our own way Windrush is  involved in re-cycling. Although tenuous, providing the Porsche car hobbyist with parts for the continued use and enjoyment of old vehicles has multiple positives of keeping the non-recyclable parts from landfill, plus maintain the deployment of the embodied energy used in creating these old beauties. Granted, the tailpipe emissions from an old gross offender MFI equipped 911 are pretty horrendous, but driven infrequently, I take comfort that the total carbon footprint of my 1972 911, is far less than the commuter Prius zipping past twice a day on it’s 60 miles commute on the nearby Bayshore Freeway.

Our packaging manifesto – slightly self indulgent, but in a positive way.

  • Save and re-use all bubble-wrap
  • Save and re-use all paper packaging
  • Save and re-use all packing peanuts
  • Save and re-use all serviceable cardboard boxes
  • Recycle all excess cardboard box
  • Minimize landfill garbage

Since we started shipping WEVO label products in 1998, we have never purchased a single “peanut” for packaging, nor a foot of bubble wrap. We re-cycle every piece of incoming paper packaging, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. We re-use about 40% of the incoming cardboard boxes we receive from vendors, we send all other cardboard to recycling. We recycle all plastic, glass and metal containers  and the new shipping boxes we buy are made from post-consumer recycled cardboard.

So if you receive a package from WEVO that looks like it has seen some previous shipping duty – it probably has! Do the right thing, please re-use it, or recycle it.

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