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It’s kind of hard to describe the feeling of delivering a product to a client that has been waiting in anticipation for months and months. On this occasion I am not going to attempt it……

A car project, code named PVX has been in our hands for almost 3 years.

As a project it has changed direction at least a couple of times, escalating – as they often do, into a cool tricky gadget that I doubt many custom car companies are smart enough, or stupid enough to execute.

PVX Faces up

As a 911 that will tip the scales at roughly 2180 lbs (991 kg.) with the power of a 2006 GT3 Cup motor in it’s tail. This car stretches my envelope, perhaps the envelope of many others too, we will find out!

This project car has been a non-stop sequence of conceive - design – fabricate. As we took tally of which systems can truly be considered unaltered, the list comprised of the steering column assembly and the doors…little else.

What is outwardly a simple car at a glance, is a most necessarily complicated execution to articulate the customers complex ideas.

Not to steal the thunder of the man who owns this fantastic car, I am keeping this relatively ambiguous, the official launch of this demon hot rod will come early in 2010. Stay tuned.

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