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Archive for October, 2010

Peking to Paris in Turkey: Thoughts on the ‘Stans

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I’ve just had a text from Hayden, which can only mean that the boys are now in Turkey, and possibly enjoying a tipple. My money’s on red wine for the Aussie.   Checking the Skytag site, they are indeed in Turkey, en route to Erzurum and having just clocked up 10,600 kilometres in total so [...]

Peking to Paris 2010: Pre-Iran Update

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Thanks to virtually nil Internet access, updates from the 2010 Peking to Paris rally have been scant of late, but I had a few texts from Hayden this weekend which I am happy to relay. I’ve spent a few hours scouting around the blogs, Flickr and Facebook sites to find some pics to go with [...]

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